The River Bend Membership Corporation (RBMC) is dedicated to improving and maintaining our community. We are an elected not-for-profit volunteer organization consisting of seven board members who are each elected by the general membership for a staggered two year terms.
President:  Ron Whittington                           
Vice President:  John Cress  
Secretary:  Marty Reiker  
Chairman:  Buddy Pendleton  
Treasurer:  Kathy Sease  
Board Member:  Ray Jackson  
Board Member:  John Garey  
To submit an inquiry to a Board of Director member submit your requests or questions by clicking Contact Us and selecting Directors. You may also go here to submit your questions in the open directors corner of the message board.

Please keep all questions brief and to the point. RBMC, Its BOD or Employees will not tolerate personal attacks on any member. Your access to the member section of the website may be denied if personal attacks are your agenda.
The regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held, on the second Saturday of each month at 10:00am or at such other convenient time and place as may be authorized by the Board from time to time. Unless otherwise announced, all meetings will be at 10 AM in the Upper Meeting Room of the Ranger Station.
    Members are welcome to attend regularly scheduled Board meetings.  If a member wishes to bring a matter to the Board pertaining to the business of the corporation; they must, at least seven days prior to the scheduled meeting, formally make the request at the RBMC office. Contact Us Send a message to Front Desk
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