Security Report
Posted on May 7, 2021 1:41 PM by Webmaster
Hello Riverbend!  Security hopes everyone is having a good season so far.  We really appreciate those of you that care about the park and are actively taking a role in keeping the park safe.   I would like to take a moment to again remind members about the seriousness of abusing the compactor area.  We have been having issues with members dumping illegal materials in the burn pit.  If you are not sure what you can put in the burn pile, please ask security or maintenance before doing so.  Something that you might think is ok to burn, could be something that once starts burning, could put off toxic fumes to those who live nearest the burn pit.  Further, some items can burn intensely for hours, catching nearby woodland areas on fire as well.  We have issued quite a few violations for these infractions of policy lately.  If you are dumping illegally, rest assured you have a violation in the mail.  We may not catch you in the act but our surveillance system will, and the fine is hefty.  It doesn’t pay to cut corners when others' health and safety are on the line.  Please be courteous and follow River bends policies, they are in place for everyone’s safety. On a lighter note, one of our senior guards, Dennis Peterson Sr, is back to work after a long stay in the hospital for health issues.  Please welcome him back, if you have donations for him or his family you can give them to a board member, myself, or Dennis himself.   On a final note, please make sure your information in our systems is up to date.  We have been trying to contact members over various issues recently but they either have no number listed or the information is outdated.  We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend! Thomas Zimmerman