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MEET THE CANDIDATES Saturday, May 22nd @ 11 am Lower Ranger Station
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2021 Office Newsletter ISSUE #8 NEWSLETTER MAY 21
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Poker Run to Benefit - Rescue Me WV Animal Rescue.... May 29th sign-ups begin at 12 at Pavillion #2...We will begin and end at Pavillion #2 and travel to 3 lots in between. Multiple pay-outs Raffle Baskets & Tip Jars If you'd like to make a donation for raffle baskets please contact Dawn Brown @ 301-331-2378 Follow us on facebook @RescueMeWV & Instagram
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ALL BINGO Sat, May 22nd 6:30pm-Early Birds 7:00pm- Regular Bingo Lower Ranger Station
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Security is glad to see that most members have got settled in nicely and without much trouble. This past week has been pretty peaceful for the most part. We have noticed that someone is dumping debris at the turnaround at the end of 139 block. IF you see anyone dumping anything please call security right away. We want to keep our lands nice and take care of them. Please don’t get aggravated if the compactor yard is closed. There are designated areas for the brush. We know that sometimes it can be an inconvenience if you have been gathering brush all day only to find out that the compactor area is closed. Just remember that we always close it at 8 p.m.
On another note, I’ve been speaking with some members about the hours of curfew for the minibikes. There was an error put in the newsletter some time ago that the curfew was 7 pm for minibikes. I just want to make the record clear and say that per the policy the curfew is 6 p.m... We do give a little grace period for those kids that are actively heading home and not just playing around. Just please know that the policy does state that the curfew is 6 pm.
STRANGER DANGER! If you notice someone on or around your lot that you’ve never seen before in that area, please don’t hesitate to call security. It is our job to investigate issues like this. Please do not try to approach someone on your own. There is no point in increasing the risk of someone getting hurt when security is just a phone call away. IF you do notice someone acting suspicious try to get a detailed description of the person and notify us right away, and we will ensure the situation is dealt with. We hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the park's amenities. Security Supervisor- Thomas ZImmerman
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It’s that time again all dues are to be paid by the 31 of May, please see the office as soon as possible to be paid up. Lock-outs will start on June 1st and will incur a $40 late fee to reinstate. The pond is now stocked with fish and this is a catch and release pond; Happy Fishing. We will be painting speed bumps throughout the next couple of weeks so please allow our maintenance crew time to let the fresh paint dry. As a member of River Bend I’m available to help resolve any issue that arises within the park; please contact the office 304-274- 2811 extension 201 to reach me. It’s that time again all dues are to be paid by the 31 of May, please see the office as soon as possible to be paid up. Lock-outs will start on June 1st and will incur a $40 late fee to reinstate. The pond is now stocked with fish and this is a catch and release pond; Happy Fishing. We will be painting speed bumps throughout the next couple of weeks so please allow our maintenance crew time to let the fresh paint dry. As a member of River Bend I’m available to help resolve any issue that arises within the park; please contact the office 304-274-2811 extension 201 to reach me.
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I’ve been a lot owner at River Bend since 2015 and I’ve seen my fair share of good people in our community, which is why I choose to get involved. I am passionate about the park improving and the quality of the community going forward. Most would describe me as honest, hardworking, family man, and friend – “What you see is what you get kind of guy.” The experience that has most prepared me for a Board position at River Bend; I have an extensive background in construction crew management and procurement. I was honored to be part of the Loyal Order of Moose where I achieved the second highest seat, overseeing daily operations and budgets. I currently have security clearance for several government entities i.e., White House, Secret Service, Military complexes, etc. I would be honored for an opportunity to help the park and fellow Board Members.
MEET THE CANDIDATES Saturday, May 22nd @ 11 am Lower Ranger Station
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I have been a member of Riverbend for over 20 years. I have a diverse work experience over the Past 44 years. I worked for AT & T and Bell Atlantic for 20 years as a Technician. Retail experience managing over 60 associates as an Assistant Manager at Wal-Mart. Shift Supervisor for Chep Pallet Company with 20 plus employees. Currently I work in Manufacturing as Start-up Lead for Proctor & Gamble in Martinsburg for the last 4 years. I also had the pleasure of working for the Park as operations coordinator. I worked with our contractors and maintenance when we first started our upgrades for Electric and water over 15 years ago. I know first-hand the struggles they deal with on a daily basis. I also helped with the Recreation Department. I would want to be an advocate for Larry and his Maintenance staff; they need our support and not abuse. I believe we need more recreational opportunities for everyone. IE…Fishing Pier and a canoe and kayak launch area. Etc.
MEET THE CANDIDATES Saturday, May 22nd @ 11 am Lower Ranger Station
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Matt Weldon My name is Matt Weldon, and I am 47 years old, and I am from Pasadena, MD. I am married to my wife Christie and trust me; she keeps me grounded. I am blessed to have a great daughter who is 17 (going on 35, like most parents here in the park) and I have (2) grown sons who have both started their own paths in life. A little background information on me. I went to the University of Maryland, College Park, where I received my BS is Psychology, while on active duty in the military. I am a Disabled Veteran of the United State Air Force and I am proud to have served my country. I am currently a Director of Commercial Estimating, for a construction company in Maryland. I have been involved in construction for 26 years. Daily, I review project plans and specifications, write project scopes of work, review costing, negotiate various types of contracts, and scopes of work for projects ranging from 1 million to 100 million dollars. I work with planning departments, government representatives, engineers, and architects to get both approval for projects and find cost savings measures for my clients. I believe “Value Engineering and Problem Solving” is very important to the residents of Riverbend. My “Value Engineering Skills” allow me the ability to find alternative materials, suppliers or labor required to install the products in question, for my projects. Because of my skill set, I can meet both the project schedule and budget for all my projects. We all run on a budget and Riverbend is no different. For Riverbend, the ability to get our “Capital Improvement Projects” completed in a timely manner, while meeting the budget allotted for the project, is necessary to keep our yearly dues as low as possible. Negotiating contracts that benefit Riverbend, not the contractor or business supplying the service, is what is required. An example is looking at our Sewage Pump Trucks. Having a repair contract and a back-up plan if there is a vehicle breakdown is key. We should have a contractor who is “on call” to step in, so the property owners have no loss of service. Also have a contractor, with negotiated rates under contract who can be on call to repair or install asphalt speed bumps quickly, to help cut down on speeding issues in the park. My family has been here for our only our 3rd season. I have no “ax” to grind or alliance with any groups within the park. I made a substantial investment in this park and I want good things for us all. I have made many friends, and everyone says the same thing, they want transparency from the “BOD”. They just want to know how our money is used and why. Tell the owners what they need to know, to help us all make the best decisions possible. That is what I aim to do. Please understand that due to COVID 19, materials for all construction projects are escalating daily. We need to work together to keep our costing under control, within this ever-changing market, so it keeps the park affordable for us all
MEET THE CANDIDATES Saturday, May 22nd @ 11 am Lower Ranger Station
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Hello all. My name is Melinda (Mindy) Wilcom and I have been a lot owner in River Bend since July 2012. I have served on the Finance Committee and am
currently the Chairman of The Finance Committee. As a member of the Finance Committee, I have always tried to ensure that the spending of the
membership’s money has been within the approved annual budget or less to ensure we the members have a surplus of funds at the end of the fiscal year.

My vast knowledge and experience with 20+ years in the Property Management, Construction Industry, West Virginia Real Estate, and Accounting
experience lends itself to me holding a position on the Board of Directors of River bend Membership Corporation. I was also “vetted” in September 2020,
to continue to serve on the Finance Committee, which will allow me to start serving the membership immediately if elected.

I strongly and truly believe that honesty, integrity, and transparency are of utmost importance to myself and the entire membership. If elected to the
Board of Directors I promise to provide complete transparency, as the law allows, to the entire membership. I have an open-door policy and am and will
be willing to speak with anyone at any time about the affairs of River Bend Membership Corporation, of course as the law allows.

If elected by the membership I am truly committed to bringing the park back to a place where we can all enjoy the many attributes the park has to offer all
of us. I promise to be devoted and available as issues arise and to ensure any and all issues are rectified immediately to the best of my and the other
Board member's ability. I also vow to work as a team player with other Board members and not make any decisions without all of the other Board members input and vote on any and all matters that pertain to River Bend Membership Corporation.
MEET THE CANDIDATES Saturday, May 22nd @ 11 am Lower Ranger Station
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Membership Notice  (
Effective on 5/ 31/21 all members not in good standing will have to become current before electric shut off and pass removal will begin 6/01/21. Please see the River Bend Membership Corporation office to pay past dues within the given time frame. There is a $40 fee to restore power once a shut-off has been completed. Please see River Bend Membership Corporation Campground By-Laws for questions.
Thank you,
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All members we have started power lockout as of 5/13/2021; if you have not done so please see the office to pay past dues asap. We have only started with those members that have not paid their first round of dues, but the second round is coming up soon. We also have a lot of members that owe for passes so please let’s get these items paid. We are working hard to hire more help to get departments fully staff.
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MEETING Saturday, May 22nd at 10 am
Is anyone interested in helping to draft a Board Advisory Committee Proposal for the membership to vote on at the Annual Meeting? We will be holding a meeting on Saturday, May 22nd at 10 am in the Upper Ranger Station.
You do not need to have served on the board to be a part of this, we are looking for members with different points of view to compose this and have it voted on by memberships.
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RBMC HORSESHOE CLUB NEWS Get your first ringer of the year “join the RBMC Horseshoe Club.” Come and enjoy another fun-filled year pitching with us. We have tournaments every Friday evening at 7:00 pm and every Saturday at 1:00 pm. Some are partners (bring your own) tournaments and some are draw tournaments, please check your schedule. All are welcomed, you do not have to join the club to participate in the tournaments but we would love to have you as a member. Tournaments are $6.00.
At the end of the season, the club holds a “Partners Cash Tournament” and we will have a Pot Luck luncheon. You MUST be a member to participate in these activities. To join the club there is a $20 Administration Fee. Please see Stacey Orye or one of the officers if you are interested in joining.
Please check out our page on the River Bend site. Our 2021 schedule will be posted there for your convenience. If you have any questions click on the link “contact us” at the bottom of the page. We will follow up with you in a reasonable time. We also have a Facebook page - River Bend Horseshoe club (R.B.M.C) - which will keep you up to date with our activities.
Draw and Partner Tournaments are open to all; the cost is $6 to enter. If you are interested in joining the Horseshoe Club please come up to pits and see one of the officers. 2021 Officers: President – Chad Orye Vice President – Dave Barber Secretary – Amanda Harman Treasure – Stacey Orye 2021 Board Members: Roxy Myers Sean Alexander Jimmy Sieg Ron Summers Paul Brunner
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Security hopes everyone has been enjoying the park and its amenities.  We are preparing for the upcoming holiday by ensuring everyone’s passes accurately display their correct information, as well as making sure your passes are updated.  You may notice Security asking you to step into the office really quick to get your pass updated.  This does not mean you owe money or that there is a problem, it's usually just that you have to go in and get your passes updated for the season.  The office is working tirelessly to ensure passes are accurate.  Please be patient as they update your passes.  If you have season pass holders that are not updated in our system, please be sure to do this as soon as possible.  Security cannot allow persons to enter the park with outdated passes.  We know that this can be a hassle sometimes, but it must be done to ensure we are not allowing the wrong people into the park.
Security has also been having issues with (some) members not presenting their passes.  Please ensure you have your pass with you when entering and exiting the park.  We understand that sometimes people forget, and that’s fine, we can still manually punch you in, but there are some habitual abusers of that process.  This drastically slows down the process of getting you into the park.  We know that the scanners have been an issue lately, but rest assure that that the board is on top of it and that they have it taken care of.  Again, please be patient with security while we tackle this issue to better serve the members, and please do your part by being prepared with your pass upon entering and exiting the park.  
Thank you, and have a great weekend!!  Thomas Zimmerman
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Stop by the office to sign up to put items on the Agenda for the Annual Meeting.  The Annual Meeting is on 6/12/2021 at the Ballfield at 11:00 am.
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ANNUAL MEETING 2020 Minutes *****draft*****
TIME: 11:00 AM
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We have been having issues with members dumping illegal materials in the burn pit.  If you are not sure what you can put in the burn pile, please ask security or maintenance before doing so.  Something that you might think is ok to burn, could be something that once starts burning, could put off toxic fumes to those who live nearest the burn pit. 
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*****  is with ***** at River Bend Campground.
Yesterday (8 May 2021) at 12:48 PM  · Falling Waters, WV  · 
Friends, please be alert when removing your patio covers. We are at the campground in River Bend and I was setting up the gazebo this morning. As I was putting a blanket down on our new wicker loveseat I came within inches of this baby Copperhead. I am thinking he was sleeping because thank God he didn’t bite me! Please be alert he blended right in with the furniture.