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4/5/2020 Update- Attorney's complete response with attachments 
4/4/2020: Update- Attorney's complete response with attachments 
4/2/20: 1:30pm Received call from the health department, Dr. Reidy, that they are keeping River Bend closed and we are to turn off the electric to the owner's lots until further notice. There is to be no entry allowed per the Health Department into River Bend Park by any owners. The Board of Directors, Security nor the office staff have any control over this decision. We have already appealed their decision, this is their final response.
4/2/2020 - 3pm update: Received a call from the Governor's legal office. He told me that the Governor's executive order did not pertain to River Bend. That as far as they are concerned we are allowed to be open.
When the Governor's office called and spoke to Dr. Reidy at the health department, Dr. Reidy said this was at the sole discretion of the Berkeley County Health Department to keep River Bend closed and it was not based on the Governor's executive order. Therefore the Governor's office cannot overturn this. Only the Health Department could have rescinded the order which they did not after the appeal. Please do not call the Governor's office as there is nothing they can do.  April 2nd directive
In response to the shutdown of non-essential businesses as mandated by the Governor, the Front Office will be closing, however, you may still drop your payments in the dropbox and they will be processed and deposited.  The maintenance staff will still be available in the event of an emergency and to continue with the park maintenance.  Should you have an emergency, please contact security at 304-274-0052. 
WV Governor's Executive Order    RBMC COVID19 STATEMENT MARCH 31, 2020 
River Bend RV Park is a privately owned 400 acre recreational-vehicle camping resort with seasonal activities for members, their family and guests. We are unique in that our members own their lots located on a striking peninsula on the Potomac River, near Falling Waters, WV.
  • A short drive from the Washington & Baltimore metro areas.
  • Open with utilities April through October.
  • Lot owners have access to their property the entire year.  
Our members enjoy....
  • amazing views and wildlife,
  • Potomac River access,
  • trails,
  • swimming pools,
  • mini-golf,
  • youth center,
  • tennis and basketball courts,
  • laundry facilities,
  • a convenience store,
  • a deli and lounge,
and the option to enjoy our member sponsored Horseshoe & Boat Clubs