Outdated 11 September 2021
The primary vehicle for the Board of Directors to obtain member participation in decision-making and management of the Park is through the advice and assistance of committees. Many opportunities exist for providing useful advice or recommendations on policies and procedures, or for improving the management of the Park by serving on Committees or Subcommittees. The Board encourages every member in good standing to participate in some way.
The choice to participate on a Committee leads to greater satisfaction with the Park. Please volunteer to participate on one of the following committees or on a subcommittee. Many of the committees listed below have subcommittees that are not shown.

Interested in Joining a Committee?  Stop by the Front Office to pick up a form or look in our documents file cabinet under forms!
Architectural and Environmental Control.  This Committee shall promulgate and enforce the General Architectural and Environmental (A&E) Standards of the Park providing for the improvement, security, and use of the property under the control of the Corporation. Chair – Second Vice President. (RBMC Bylaws Section 5.1)
By-Laws Review.  There shall be a standing committee of this corporation known as the Bylaws Review Committee.  This committee will:
  1. Review current and/or proposed RBMC Bylaws and Uniform Member Code to ensure said are in congruence and compliance with existing West Virginia Law (WV Code 31E and 36B), as well as the RBMC Covenants & Restrictions (Declarations). 
  2. Conduct research and review applications of said Bylaws and Codes in conjunction with current business and social practices, and where deemed necessary by said committee, make recommendations for change, amendment, addition of new, and/or deletion of existing Bylaws and/or Codes.  
The Chairman and Secretary of this committee will be appointed by the committee members.
It is recommended that following the results of the election of Board Members after the annual meeting, the new Board meet with this committee to familiarize themselves with the appropriate guidance which governs the corporation.
Communications.  (ad hoc) This Committee advises and assists the board in producing and editing information resources for the Corporation. This Committee shall be responsible for coordinating the revision of policies and maintenance of a policies and procedures manual and various handbooks; and for newsletter and Web site content; and except for the bylaws, reviewing and editing prior to publication, distribution or mailing, other materials as determined by the Board of Directors according to guidelines approved by the Board, and shall perform such other functions as the Board in its discretion, determines. This Committee shall consist of two Directors and three members. E-mail address required (Board approved, 2001)
Election (inspectors of Elections).  This Committee shall be responsible for receiving nominations of candidates for the Board of Directors, receiving ballots and proxies for meetings, certifying proxies, certifying the results of elections, managing the election of directors and acting as tellers of votes taken at meetings of the members (RBMC Bylaws Sections 2.7, 2.8, 2.9)
In accordance with West Virginia Code 31E -7-728 the Election Committee (EC) shall consist of Inspectors of Election which form the Standing Election Committee.
The inspectors shall: (1) Call for nominees for Board of Directors; (2) handle the vetting process of all nominators and nominees as members in good standing in accordance with Section 4.3 of the RBMC Bylaws; (3) handle all aspects of the candidate packets; (4) sponsor the “Meet the Candidates Forum”; (5) send via USPS mail, transmitted via email, or other applicable electronic delivery the member packet including the Call to the Annual Meeting, Ballots and Proxies; (6) ascertain the number of members entitled to vote and the voting power of each; (7) determine the members represented at a meeting; (8) determine the validity of proxies and ballots; (9) count all votes and proxies; (10) determine the result; (11) any other requests, as they relate to a voting process(es), as requested by the Chairman of the meeting or the Board of Directors including but not limited to Special Meetings, and Vote by Ballot.
In addition, the Election Committee shall continue to verify that all incumbent members of the Board of Directors are in “good standing” and continue to meet qualification criteria in Section 4.3. 
In the event that an incumbent director has not maintained “good standing” or no longer meets criteria in Section 4.3, such positions shall be considered vacant and the slate of candidates for election as directors shall be increased accordingly if so directed by the Board of Directors or by a vote of the members for a Call for Nominees.
Amended at Annual Meeting  June 8, 2013
Examination and Audit Committee.
There may be a standing committee of this Park known as the Examination and Audit Committee. Members are to be appointed annually by the Board of Directors to assist the Board in oversight of operations, investments and maintenance of the Park.   The Committee shall consist of not less than 3 or more than 5 members who are in good standing, and shall meet all of the requirements of the candidate to the BOD. No active members of the BOD shall serve on this committee. The current President, Chairman, or Treasurer of the BOD shall serve as the Board’s liaison to this committee.
A complete audit of the Corporation by a certified public accountant firm who is licensed and insured in the State of West Virginia shall be completed no less than every 3 years. For each year that an Audit is not performed, a financial review of the Corporation’s books shall be conducted by a certified public accountant firm, who is licensed and insured in the State of West Virginia. The results of such examinations shall be sent directly to the BOD and shared with the Examination and Audit Committee as well as the Finance Committee.
Furthermore, it shall be the responsibility of the Examination and Audit Committee, (EAC) to monitor modifications to the operations of the Park as it relates to the findings of the Corporation’s audit or review. The EAC shall report to the BOD and to the membership collectively any instances of noncompliance or deviation from the recommendations as outlined in the Audit report. Revised at Annual Meeting June 14, 2014
Finance.  This Committee shall advise the board on budget formulation and short and long-range financial planning, including contracting for services, reserves and the need for dues and assessments and shall perform such other functions as the Board, in its discretion, determines. (RBMC Bylaws Section 5.7) Work experiences with finances and/or computers desirable. Please submit resume along with Committee Interest Form.
Health and Safety.  This committee shall be responsible for advising the Traffic and Safety Committee on matters relating to the health and safety in the Park. Members of this Committee shall participate in site inspection. (RBMC Bylaws Section 8.5)
Inspection.  This committee shall consist of three members of the A&E Committee and one member of the Health & Safety Committee and shall be empowered to inspect each site to ascertain compliance with the A&E standards. Any lot owner wishing to have his lot inspected for acceptability may do so by contacting the A&E Committee. The Inspection Committee with reasonable notification may inspect any site at any time. (RBMC Bylaws Sections 2.7, 2.8, 2.9)
Land Sales.  This committee shall be responsible for implementing an annual lands sales program for the Corporation, including annual revision of the RBMC Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Report and shall perform such other functions of the Board, in its discretion, determines. (RBMC Bylaws Section 5.9)  Any and all land sales programs must have prior approval by the Board of Directors. The draft HUD Report must also be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors prior to submission to HUD. 
Recreation.  This Committee shall advise the board on all matters pertaining to the recreational programs and activities and use of the recreational facilities of the Park, and shall perform such other functions as the Board in its discretion, determines. First Vice President shall serve as adviser (RBMC Bylaws Section 5.4, 16.2-paragraph 3)
Traffic and Safety.  This Committee shall advise the board on all matters pertaining to traffic control and Park safety, to include security of the Park, as well responsibility for traffic safety, pool and playground, and shall perform such other functions as the Board, in its discretion, determines. Chair—First Vice President. (RBMC Bylaws Section 5.5, 6.4)
Ways and Means.  This Committee will coordinate all matters pertaining to the fund raising activities of the Park, and activities such as raffles, parties, dances, and different ethnic dinners, etc., and shall perform such other functions as the Board, in its discretion, determines. Chair—Vice President (RBMC Bylaws Sections 5.6, 6.4)
COMMITTEES – 10/1/2020
Terry Newlin 
Margie Neal
Pete Brinkmyer
Terri Houck
Carolyn Snider 
James Amrhein
Danny Clark, Chairman
Jerry Roberts, Secretary
Mac Thacker, Committee Member 
Debbie Smith, Chairman
Diane Goldstein, Secretary
Karen Manning, Committee Member
Mindy Wilcom, Chairman
Marty Reiker, Secretary
Abraham McKenzie, Committee Member
Diane Goldstein, Committee Member 
Gloria Feliciano, Committee Member 
Gloria Feliciano
Michael Mood 
Melinda Wilcom
Ada Freyer
Billie Jo McTighe 
Billie Jo McTighe
Wanda Clark
Danielle Stavola
Karen Thompson
Wendy Baugher
Carla Saunders
Ada Freyer
Karen Manning
David Mills
Sherry Webb
Gloria Feliciano