Before You Build
Page outdated 11 September 2021
River Bend RV Park is a private, gated recreational community governed by the By-Laws and Protective Covenants & Restrictions of the River Bend Membership Corporation. The RBMC Architectural & Environmental (A&E) Committee oversees the approval of all construction, additions, or alterations made to any property within the community. 
Do I need to submit an application to build or make changes to my property in the River Bend RV Park?
Yes - Anyone making changes to their lot such as the addition of an approved pavilion, changes to the footprint of the existing pavilion or other approved buildings, adding a shed, installing a driveway or removing trees over 4" in diameter must fill out an A&E Permit Application.
Are there any fees associated with approval?
No - at this time there are no fees charged by RBMC for the application and approval process.   In instances where a Berkeley County Building Permit is required, Berkeley County fees may apply.
How long does it take to be approved?
If you have all the proper accompanying documents, please allow at least 30 days from the date of submittal; however, most approvals take less time.  The approved permit will not be released until a copy of the approved Berkeley County Building Permit (where applicable) has been supplied to the office. 
What documents do I need to submit to get approval?
You will need to submit to the RBMC office an A&E Application, building plans, and a site drawing showing the location of your improvement.  You will also need to supply an approved Berkeley County Building Permit where applicable.  Your permits will need to be clearly posted on your lot so as to be visible from the roadway.
What are the setback requirements for the placement of my recreational vehicle or any alteration to my lot?
Please be advised that there are setback requirements for any alterations (temporary or permanent) to your lot to allow for maintenance of the roads, water & sewer lines, electric lines, etc.   You must verify the setback requirements for your particular lot with the office or A&E committee prior to your work.
What are easement requirements in regards to building or alterations on my lot?
In certain instances, an easement may occur on a lot in which water, sewer, or electric lines running underground may prohibit certain types of construction.   Our maintenance department, to the best of their abilities and with the equipment we have on hand, will attempt to as closely as possible locate these lines.  We ask that the members hand dig in the vicinity of these lines to avoid the possibility of hitting them.  If a line is damaged by a property owner, it may cause the owner to incur the cost of repairs.
I have a waterfront lot - Can I put stairs down to the water?
Waterfront lot owners are permitted to construct steps not to exceed forty-eight (48) inches in width, of concrete or other substantial material.  No structure or piers prohibited by the Army Corps of Engineers are allowed. 
What is the requirement for installing a driveway?
You must submit the applicable Architectural Approval form, a site plan showing driveway placement and you must mark any trees that may need to be removed.  Please be aware that if a driveway impedes that natural flow of water run-off you must install a culvert.  If a culvert is not installed and water flow is impeded, RBMC reserves the right to have one installed and will bill the owner for the same.
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