Park Watch Program
Outdated 9/11/2021
Announcements Made By The Park Watch Program
Park Watch Program
Meetings will be held ONLY as conditions warrant.  Mass emails will be sent periodically to each interested owner as crime information is gathered, and plans are to post similar information at "Park Watch Announcements". If you would like to be on the Park Watch Email List, please email your request to  Area Captains are being sought in key areas of the Park; if you are interested, please contact the Office.  The success of Park Watch is PARTICIPATION! Please play a role in the safety of your river community.
  • What is the Park Watch Program? The Park Watch is a group of volunteer Riverbenders coming together in a neighborhood and communicating with Security to reduce crime at the River.
  • In cooperation with Security, Riverbenders work to safeguard each other’s homes and reduce the risk of crime in their community.
  • It is Riverbenders being the “eyes and ears” for the police. 
  • How does Park Watch work? Park Watch works through mutual assistance, i.e. Riverbenders watching out for Riverbenders, Security patrolling neighborhoods, and monitoring suspicious activity.
  • When a suspicious activity or a crime is observed, the Park Watch member calls Security (304-274-0052), then alerts the Park Watch Members via Email_Alert.
  • The key to Park Watch success is communication between Riverbenders and Security.
Park Watch is by no means a vigilante group. The presence of a suspicious person(s) and/or activity should be reported and the apprehension of these criminals should be left to Security.