River Alerts
For those of our members with property close to the river:
Please be aware that certain atmospheric conditions may cause the river to rise and flooding is possible.  RBMC will alert lot owners who wish to be notified in the event of possilble flooding by email only.  Due to the number of members affected and the priorities dealing with the issues in the park we cannot continue to notify each owner by phone.  We will start to send out emails when the levels are predicted to reach 19 ft. at Hancock.
You can click on the following link to see the flood stage levels for the Potomac Basin Area. Click on "Hancock" to get the Potomac River readings for our area:
National Weather Service - Potomac River Basin - Current River Stages
You may also contact their NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on their River Information Line at 301-223-6377.
The RBMC office staff will take phone numbers from property owners who do not have e-mail or internet access and will attempt to contact those owners. Please understand that this is being done as a courtesy only and the property owner is ultimately responsible for making him/herself aware of rising water conditions. RBMC will not be held responsible for any damages due to weather conditions or lack of notification of same.