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Before You Build

River Bend RV Park is a private, gated recreational community governed by the By-Laws and Protective Covenants & Restrictions of the River Bend Membership Corporation. The RBMC Architectural & Environmental (A&E) Committee oversees the approval of all construction, additions, or alterations made to any property within the community. 

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The Message Board is a communication tool used by members to share information, ask questions, and find out "What's going on at the River?"

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Member Concern Form

Use this form to send comments or concerns. The staff in the office should respond within 3 to 5 business days. If it is an urgent matter please call the office 304-274-2811.


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Members Services Price List

  • Copies: $0.16 (per side/per page)               
  • Postage: $0.56
  • Fax: $1.00 (per page)                                                       
  • Newsletter Inserts: $25.00/ 4 weeks, $50.00/8 weeks, Full Page $0.16 per page
  • Storage Lot: $300 yearly or $30 per month ($360 per year)
  • Work Orders: Varies by the cost of repair, labor, parts, etc.
  • Emergency Pump Out: $20.00
  • Open Top- Trash Dump: $20.00
  • Initiation Fee: $200.00, $25 for Current Lot Owners
  • 5-Hour Visitor Pass: $2.00 (Not Valid Holiday Weekends)
  • 24-Hour Visitor Pass: $5.00 (Not Valid Holiday Weekends)
  • 48-Hour Visitor Pass: $10.00 (Not Valid Holiday Weekends)
  • 72-Hour Holiday Weekend Pass: $20.00
  • Special Event Passes: $2.00 (Minimum 40 people required)
  • Minor Season Pass-Unlimited Passes- Ages 6-15: $10.00
  • Adult Season Pass- Up to 10 per lot: $20.00 for passes 1-5, $40 for passes 6-10
  • Lot Owner Pass- Additional Lot Owners on deed after 2 free: $15.00
  • Renters Pass/Lessee Pass- Required Application signed by Lot Owner: $100.00
  • Senior Pass- 65 and up- 50% off-season or visitor pass: Varies
  • Reactivation Fee: Cost of the Pass
  • Pass Renewal: $20.00
  • Minor Driver Pass- Ages 12-15- Lot Owner & Season Pass Holder must sign: $5.00
  • Replacement Pass- First 2 $10.00- Additional Replacements: $25.00
  • Rental Lots: $70.00 per night, $100 per night on Holiday weekends
  • Reconnection of Electric (Collections): $40.00
  • Porta-Pots: $50 fee/$100 deposit (will accommodate 30 people- not available Holiday weekends)
  • Tables: $8 each/$100 deposit
  • Chairs: $1 each/$100 deposit
  • Pavilions: $50 fee/$50 deposit  

Badges & Passes

River Bend RV Park is a gated community and has in place certain procedures for access to the park for owners as well as their guests, renters, vendors, or contractors.
Property owner's in-good-standing are entitled to two (2) lot owner badges on an assessable lot.  Additional owners, whose names are on the deed, may purchase a property owner badge for $15.00 per year.
Property owners in-good-standing are allowed to purchase up to five (10) season passes per assessable lot for friends and unlimited for family. Pricing is as follows:
Adults 16 and up Passes 1-5 $20.00
                         Passes 6-10 $40.00
Ages 6-15 $10.00
Guests will need to purchase visitor passes through the lot owner, costing $5 per person for a day pass that expires 24 hours from entry, $10.00 per person for 48 hours, and $20.00 per person for a 72 hour holiday weekend.  The lot owner must purchase these passes.  They are active beginning immediately upon check-in time. 
Please remember - Season Pass holders are not permitted to purchase Visitor Passes.
Property owner's in-good-standing may request a Vendor Pass for a person or company performing work on their lot.  Vendors must have a current business license and Certificate of Insurance on file in the office for a Vendor Pass to be issued.  Vendors will not be admitted to deliver supplies for, nor perform work, that has not been approved by the A&E committee where applicable. 
It is imperative that Members remember that they personally are responsible for the actions of their season pass holders, guests, and/or vendors.