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OUTDATED 9/11/2021

Before You Build

River Bend RV Park is a private, gated recreational community governed by the By-Laws and Protective Covenants & Restrictions of the River Bend Membership Corporation. The RBMC Architectural & Environmental (A&E) Committee oversees the approval of all construction, additions, or alterations made to any property within the community. 

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The Message Board is a communication tool used by members to share information, ask questions, and find out "What's going on at the River?"

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Use this form to send comments or concerns. The staff in the office should respond within 3 to 5 business days. If it is an urgent matter please call the office 304-274-2811.


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Members Services Price List

Outdated 11 September 2021
  • Copies: $0.16 (per side/per page)               
  • Postage: $0.56
  • Fax: $1.00 (per page)                                                       
  • Newsletter Inserts: $25.00/ 4 weeks, $50.00/8 weeks, Full Page $0.16 per page
  • Storage Lot: $300 yearly or $30 per month ($360 per year)
  • Work Orders: Varies by the cost of repair, labor, parts, etc.
  • Emergency Pump Out: $20.00
  • Open Top- Trash Dump: $20.00
  • Initiation Fee: $200.00, $25 for Current Lot Owners
  • 5-Hour Visitor Pass: $2.00 (Not Valid Holiday Weekends)
  • 24-Hour Visitor Pass: $5.00 (Not Valid Holiday Weekends)
  • 48-Hour Visitor Pass: $10.00 (Not Valid Holiday Weekends)
  • 72-Hour Holiday Weekend Pass: $20.00
  • Special Event Passes: $2.00 (Minimum 40 people required)
  • Minor Season Pass-Unlimited Passes- Ages 6-15: $10.00
  • Adult Season Pass- Up to 10 per lot: $20.00 for passes 1-5, $40 for passes 6-10
  • Lot Owner Pass- Additional Lot Owners on deed after 2 free: $15.00
  • Renters Pass/Lessee Pass- Required Application signed by Lot Owner: $100.00
  • Senior Pass- 65 and up- 50% off-season or visitor pass: Varies
  • Reactivation Fee: Cost of the Pass
  • Pass Renewal: $20.00
  • Minor Driver Pass- Ages 12-15- Lot Owner & Season Pass Holder must sign: $5.00
  • Replacement Pass- First 2 $10.00- Additional Replacements: $25.00
  • Rental Lots: $70.00 per night, $100 per night on Holiday weekends
  • Reconnection of Electric (Collections): $40.00
  • Porta-Pots: $50 fee/$100 deposit (will accommodate 30 people- not available Holiday weekends)
  • Tables: $8 each/$100 deposit
  • Chairs: $1 each/$100 deposit
  • Pavilions: $ fee/$ deposit   

Badges & Passes

River Bend RV Park is a gated community and has in place certain procedures for access to the park for owners as well as their guests, renters, vendors, or contractors.
Outdated 11 September 2021
Property owner's in-good-standing are entitled to two (2) lot owner badges on an assessable lot.  Additional owners, whose names are on the deed, may purchase a property owner badge for $15.00 per year.
Property owners in-good-standing are allowed to purchase up to five (10) season passes per assessable lot for friends and unlimited for family. Pricing is as follows:
Adults 16 and up Passes 1-5 $20.00
                         Passes 6-10 $40.00
Ages 6-15 $10.00
Guests will need to purchase visitor passes through the lot owner, costing $5 per person for a day pass that expires 24 hours from entry, $10.00 per person for 48 hours, and $20.00 per person for a 72 hour holiday weekend.  The lot owner must purchase these passes.  They are active beginning immediately upon check-in time. 
Please remember - Season Pass holders are not permitted to purchase Visitor Passes.
Property owner's in-good-standing may request a Vendor Pass for a person or company performing work on their lot.  Vendors must have a current business license and Certificate of Insurance on file in the office for a Vendor Pass to be issued.  Vendors will not be admitted to deliver supplies for, nor perform work, that has not been approved by the A&E committee where applicable. 
It is imperative that Members remember that they personally are responsible for the actions of their season pass holders, guests, and/or vendors.