Potential Park Contractors List
Outdated 11 September 2021
Possible River Bend Contractors
Looking to have work performed at your site? We have a list of contractors that have at one time or another done work for members.  Normally (not guaranteed) contractors that have done work for members are licensed, insured, are knowledgeable of River Bend, and approved to work in the park. They also normally have their own access to the park and do not need to be signed in to access your site.
ALL contractors can perform work in the park however they need to be signed in as a guest by the member requesting their services at the standard guest rate ($*.**).
Prospective Contractors: Due to the changing nature of the public and our desire to protect our Membership, River Bend will be requiring all outside contractors hired by RBMC to file a completed form with us. By completing and signing the form, the Contractor is guaranteeing that any representative of their company will have had background checks completed and found not to be convicted felons or sexual offenders. If any Contractor has previously conducted background checks and/or has bonded employees, they will not be required to do another background check; however, we ask that a note is made on the application form indicating that a background check has been previously done.
Disclaimer:  This list is provided "as is" and is meant as a reference only.  By providing this list, the RBMC BOD is not endorsing any contractor on this list.  Members should conduct their own due diligence when selecting contractors to work on their property.
Vendor Name                    Services                     Phone                            email
Contractors Application
If you're an officially licensed and insured contractor and would like to work in the park, please complete our contractor application.
Business name: _____________
Applicant’s name: _________________
Address: _________________
City, State, Zip: ________________________
Business Phone: _______________________
Cell Phone: ___________________________
Email: ___________________
Contractor’s License #:___________________ 
Brief description of Services offered: _________________
I certify that the aforementioned business, and/or its subcontractors, have liability insurance coverage for the type of work or service provided or performed within the property of RBMC. I also certify that the aforementioned business, and/or its subcontractors, have the required workers’ compensation insurance as required by law. I understand that liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance must be maintained as applicable and current coverage present to perform work or provide services within the property of RBMC (copies provided). I agree to and understand that the aforementioned business, and/or its subcontractors, will comply with OSHA regulations while performing work or providing services within RBMC. I represent and warrant that neither I nor any employees, and/or those of our subcontractors who will perform work within RBMC have ever been convicted of a felony, including a felony that requires registration under Sex Offender Registration Act. I also understand that I must comply with permit requirements and rules of RBMC, State and local building code requirements and be responsible for all required permits. I agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify RBMC for any injuries, accidents or any other issues regarding delivery or completion of services to members within RBMC. Please ask your insurance carrier to list RBMC as a certificate holder and attach a copy of your workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurance to this form. We also require copies of your current Building, Mechanical and/or Electrical Licenses.
Printed Name ___
Title ___