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Sept Ballot results from second ballots
Posted on Sep 23rd, 2017

September 9, 2017 Special MEETING VOTING RESULTS
There were a total of Two (2) positions open for the current Board of Directors election for second round voting (Ballot #2).
Election Results for the BOD positions, Ballot #2/Second round voting:
There were a total of six (6) candidates on the ballot.
There were a total of  228 valid ballots.
The total vote counts for candidates were as follows:
Angie Gray Federline with a total of 77 votes.
John Garey with a total of  99 votes.
Dawn Gawronski with a total of 15 votes.
Brenda Hardy with a total of 59 votes.
Robert Manning with a total of 76 votes.
Marty Reiker with a total of 112 votes.
The winners of ballot #1 First round voting were as follows:
*          Marty Reiker
*          John Garey
 For the Election Committee,
Debbie Smith, Election Committee, Chair 
Wanda Clark, Election Committee, Secretary